RSS…… We need to talk…

First off, it’s not you, it’s me.

When I first got into the web, back in the days of fighting IE6 I was enamored with knowing as much as I could about as many things as possible. I remember having an RSS feed with 800+ feeds that I would check daily and boast about being “plugged in” to the web. If someone brought up a topic, I could proudly say I had read about that three days ago in my “feeds”. I spent a couple hours every morning combing over those same feeds looking for jewels that I could learn about and dive into. And I loved it, I thought..

We live in an information deluge these days. Twitter, Facebook, video blogs, podcasts, conferences… And frankly RSS after all these years I have learned something, I don’t need to know everything. Being 37 and a developer is tough… people think I am past my prime. And in some ways I am, I can’t spend all night at hackathons anymore, too much coffee makes me jittery now, and the Doctor says I can’t have red meat or energy drinks. But you know what the bright side to all this is? Wisdom and Focus. I get to pick and choose where my attention goes now. And RSS, you are not built for someone who is trying to focus, you are built for browsing, built for covering so many topics at once. Built for the guy who has time to give you the attention you deserve.

In Parting

Look, I don’t hate you, or dislike you and we will still be friends, but I need space and room to concentrate on the topics that matter for my work. I need the time back that I would normally spend looking through a 1000+ articles to spend with my 6 year old before he goes to school in the morning. So my dearest RSS, I hope you stay around and help so many young devs like you helped me. But, I am going to cull you down to about 50-100 feeds and call it a day.

Derrick Koon