Singing a duet, with my Ipad. (Duet Display)

I love to read Hacker News,

it is one of my “go to” resources for learning about stuff going on in the tech community. The other day I came across a Show Hacker News article about and app called “Duet Display”. What caught my eye was the claim that it would be a way to make my older Ipad into a lagless monitor for my computer. Working out of coffee shops is sometimes hard because I have to flip tabs or workspaces back and forth to do tutorials or copy specs from a document. This looked like a viable solution to my problem so for today I have been trying the app out.

First, let me tell you the experience of using it has not been without issue. It is not a perfect product by any sense of the word. It has a few glitches here and there and some even affect the display on my Macbook Pro (black backgrounds on things,nothing major). However once you get past the tiny bugs that I know will get shaken out this is bar none the nicest app I have purchased on the app store. It hasn’t crashed a single time. Being built by ex-Apple engineers gives me a certain peace of mind that I am not going to narf my Macbook or my Ipad. If you are a coffee shop addict like I am then you might want to give this app a look. Its $9.99 on the App Store but in my opinion it is worth my Ipad’s weight in gold at this point.